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Post  Admin on Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:59 pm

Welcome, traveler, to the world of Krynn.

It is a place of magic and might, a world full of danger and wondrous stories.

It has been some years since the War of the Lance ended, and Kyrnn is in a state of delicate balance. There is prosperity and peace, yet whispers of war and evil are never far from the lips of strangers. The elves are divided, the Solamnic Knights once again rising in popularity and power. In the Tower of High Sorcery sits a dark elf and countless mysteries. There are many places in this world that are waiting to be discovered, many friendships and enemies to be made.

Now that you've found yourself here it is time to start telling the stories of your own adventures. What path will you take in these trying times? One of light, or dark? Perhaps somewhere in between? The choice, and story, is up to you.

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