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Post  Marya Cutter on Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:06 pm

Name: Marya Cutter

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Age: 25

Class: mage

Robe color: red

Abilities: Marya is a powerful combat mage and (thanks to her surgeon father) an excellent field medic. Given that she's a nomadic forest-dweller, she's great at wilderness survival and at tracking people and game alike.

Appearance: Small and sturdy, with short, messy brown hair and big glasses. Wears a simple homespun shirt & pants with short red traveling robes and brown leather boots. Lots of pockets, lots of feathers/rocks/animal bones/twigs stuffed into those pockets. Carries a gnarly tree branch staff that’s way too tall.

Personality: Curious above all else - she wants to know how the world works, and she can never resist a good mystery. Since her Test, this curiosity has mainly manifested as a hunger for power in the form of magical knowledge and understanding. She has a lightning-quick mind and a deep knowledge of all things magical, but she knows little to nothing about anything she deems boring (i.e. politics, the economy, other peoples' lives in general). She leads the life of a hermit by choice and gets easily agitated when surrounded by people, but she is fond of animals and tends to pick up strays of all species. She is very talkative and doesn't much care if her audience is interested in what she has to say.

Although she may at first come off as a harmless eccentric, Marya is ambitious and self-serving, and will rarely go out of her way to help someone unless there's something in it for her. She is not actively manipulative, but she will cheerfully lie to your face if it makes her life easier. On the positive side, she's very good at solving problems on her feet and keeping a calm head in dangerous situations, and her keen self-preservation instinct means she's good at sensing trouble before it starts.

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