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Prima Gellwulf

Solamnic Knight - Knight of the Crown

Race: Human

Gender: female

Age: 26

Appearance: Average human height, trimmed and muscular. Dark brown hair that falls to her mid back but is often up in a bun or braid to keep it out of her way. Light brown eyes and a dusting of freckles on and around her nose.

About: Prima is the only daughter of Lord Gellwulf, a somewhat influential knight of Solamnia. She grew up wanting only to be like her father, much to his displeasure. She is stubborn and headstrong, though, and fought for her knightship every step of the way. She has a younger brother who is also following their father's footsteps to become a knight.

Prima tries to live her life according to the oath and measure as much as she can, but is known to take unorthodox approaches and interpretations to do so. She can be helpful and cheerful, though will not hesitate to speak her mind.

Read an intro about Prima!:
The gentle lap of the waves felt cooler than it really was on Prima's skin. Her body was all heat and flame; the wash of the sea should have turned to steam as it hit her. It only licked her ankles, though, and left thin layers of moisture to dry in the sun. Perhaps her blood wasn't the fire she imagined.

She grinned out across the blue expanse, smiled at the horizon where sky met sea. There was an endlessness to it, that vast continuation of water and power. It was calm now but she knew it could change at a moments notice, as her own life had just done.

She had done it.

No longer was she just Prima. Prima, the Lord's daughter; Prima, the girl covered in mud and playing with the wooden sword; Prima, the girl dressed in gowns and jewels and still  fading bruises. No, now she was Prima Gellwulf, Knight of the Crown.

Unable to contain it any longer, she laughed, starting first soft and quiet, then building until she had to brace her hands on her knees as she shook with the release of so much tension. Her dark hair tumbled out in front of her, tips reaching the waves and dripping as she at last raised her head and stood straight.

It hadn't even mattered when her father took her aside before meeting the counsel. His words meant nothing now – not one tear would fall. She would waste no more time worrying he was right, that she was chasing a dream not meant for her. It was a dream becoming real despite his efforts, and one that she had all rights to have. She was Solamnic, wasn't she? She was her father's daughter, no matter what path she chose in life. Besides, he had what he wanted now: a knight to continue his legacy. It wasn't his son, but he would have to learn to live with that. Prima was no longer concerned with his disapproval.

With one last lingering look, Prima turned from the sea and began to walk towards the shore. Her horse stood back where the firm ground became sand, grazing on the tall beach grass. He guarded her armor, so casually tossed aside in her fit of excitement. Breastplate and gauntlets left a trail, greeves and helm marking her path. She had torn her armor off as quick as she could when she was finally alone, wanting only to feel fresh breeze on bare skin and wind in her hair. Her solitude was at an end for now, though. She was likely being missed back at the stronghold, her absence noted from the celebrations.

Gathering her belongings and strapping her sword to her side, Prima mounted her horse and took off, smile still firmly in place. This was a beginning, she thought. The first day of her dream.

Prima Gellwulf
Solamnic Knight

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