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Post  Lorin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:04 pm

Name: Lorin
Race: Human
Gender: Female:
Sexuality: Demisexual/panromantic
Age: Sixteen
Class: Mage/rogue

Description (from her blog, lookalyke.tumblr.com, which from now on will be first-person roleplay)

I’m a young lady, just turned sixteen, and I’ve just started studying magic. Truthfully, I’ve just started formally studying anything. I grew up in a little village to the east of here; if it takes a village to raise a child, I was that child. My mother gave birth to me on the stormiest night of the year, in the inn that Amot runs, and left as soon as she was strong enough to walk. Bereft (isn’t that a great word?) of a surname, I became Just Lorin. Now, I wear that name with pride.

I wasn’t a bad child, just an absent one, and I took over the village, sleeping where I wanted and daydreaming when I wanted, doing chores only if supervised. I was never quite as good as the rest at anything, mostly because I never wanted to set my mind to it unless it was easy. Really, I’m still absent-minded, but I’ve gotten more diligent. I left the village when I was fifteen, because of a boy but also to wander around new places. I came here, and found a library to wander in. Lind (he’s the librarian) found me trying to teach myself how to read, and decided to teach me himself. After a few months, I could read and write well enough to scribe for him.

I started learning magic almost by accident; as I understand, I could have died browsing in that section, but Lind curtailed that expedition and gave me a primer to sate my curiosity. It taught me enough. This is something I can do, even when it stops being easy. This is something I will do.  

Oh, you want to know what I look like? Too skinny to be cute, or so the women back home said, with brown hair and a pointy face. My eyes are my redeeming feature, because they’re big and green. Sometimes, when I’m daydreaming, they get too big and green, and people are scared of me.
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