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Post  Jenna of the Red Robes on Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:31 pm

Name: Jenna (Mistress Jenna of Palanthas)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Mage

Robe Color: Red

Appearance: Jenna has long, red hair, a strong, clear voice, a dimpled smile, green eyes, has a very lovely but cold face, and almost always wears an expensive velvet red robe with gold stitching. Adjectives most often used to describe her are beautiful, powerful, and mysterious.

About: Jenna is the daughter of Justarius, Highmage of the Wizards' Conclave. Father and daughter are currently estranged for Justarius strongly disapproves of Jenna's relationship with Dalamar the Dark. The dark elf was her Master when she studied at the Tower of Palanthas and now he is her lover. Jenna owns a mageware shop in Palanthas called The Three Moons. She is an extremely powerful red robed sorceress and can speak fluent Elvish, Solamnic, and Common. She is intelligent, cunning, and charming (when she wants to be). She is always observing and storing away information, knowing that one day it will be useful. Jenna is a very curious individual, always wanting to know everything. She is a useful friend to have and a very dangerous enemy to make.

Jenna of the Red Robes
Jenna of the Red Robes
Red Robed Mage

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